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Post image for Traditional Oriental Medicine Predicts the Outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII with Dr. Mi-Jung Lee

Traditional Oriental Medicine Predicts the Outcome of Super Bowl XLVIII with Dr. Mi-Jung Lee

by Tahoma Clinic

Many sports experts favored the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl XLVIII. But the Seahawks were destined to win, according to two philosophies of Traditional Chinese Medicine: I-Ching and Five Element Theory.

What Does the I-Ching Mean for 2014?

2014 is the year of the Blue Horse. The Blue Horse symbolizes a young horse that is about to stand up. In the Chinese Five Element Theory, 2014 is the year of wood. The overall energy of 2014 is germination where we have many metaphors of growth and new beginnings, sometimes born out of revolution. For example, in 1894, another year of the Blue Horse, the famous Pullman Railroad labor strike contributed to the adoption of Labor Day as a Federal Holiday. The Blue Horse repeats every 60 years, and there are many revolutionary historical events worldwide that occurred in those years.

Chinese I Ching Oracle shell, replica

In the Chinese character system, the year of the Blue Horse is called Gab-O. Gab means “wood energy”, and O means “fire,” which symbolizes very dried wood that has fire energy in its core. This kind of wood becomes the metaphorical material for building houses or in kindling fire to warm the home, and further implies sacrifice to benefit others. In Traditional Oriental Medicine, babies born in the year of the Blue Horse will give a special contribution to humankind. Boys will take on the mantle of leadership in their communities or country. Girls will play the role of nurturer in a broader sense of family and community or country. It is also the year when Yin energy – an energy force that embodies quietness and stillness – gets stronger. In Yin and Yang theory, Yin symbolizes female energy. This year, women gain will recognition in their professional fields.

What Does this Have to do with the Seahawks’ Victory?

First, this current year of young horses can be interpreted as a time that could favor youth and newcomers. The Seahawks have one of the youngest rosters in the NFL. This might explain how the Seahawks could win against such an experienced Broncos team. Second, Offense is the Yang energy and Defense is the Yin energy. Recall that this is a year in which Yin energy predominates. We then see how it might be possible for the Seahawks’ top-rated defense to prevail over an equally strong Broncos offence. However, if the Broncos had a female mascot (a “Bronca”?!) perhaps they would have fared better!!!

How Does the the Year of the Blue Horse Impact Health in 2014?

Traditional Oriental Medicine adapts I Ching and five element theory to practice preventive medicine. Each of the five elements contains its own climate, which predicts the kinds of diseases that can be troublesome over the year. In summary, 2014 will be hot and dry with heavy summer rains and a dry windy winter. In the first half of the year, people with weak Kidney and Lung Yin (from the energetic Oriental Medicine perspective) should be careful around dry and hot environments. In the second half of the year, Liver Qi-energy related diseases such as depression and anxiety can be common. In the middle of the year, we may see more digestive health problems like diarrhea, constipation, inflammatory bowel conditions and bacterial/yeast overgrowth.

Wishing everyone excellent health in 2014!

Dr. Mi-Jung Lee, ND/LAc has been inspired by Dr. Jonathan Wright’s pioneering work in natural medicine and Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy.  Dr. Lee is trained in trained in both western and eastern disciplines, and specializes in anti-aging and preventive medicine.  Dr. Lee incorporates herbal formulation and restorative acupuncture along with targeted nutrition and hormone therapy.  Contact Dr. Lee at the Redmond office of the Tahoma Clinic at (425) 497-9558

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